Why Choose our Domestic Window Cleaners in Backwell?

Regular window cleaning is crucial for keeping your domestic or commercial windows in good condition. 


Dirt, dust and grime settle on your windows over time. Contaminants and pollutants on the glass can prevent natural light from entering.  Dirt can also discolour the glass over time and make it more opaque. Dirty windows also let down the appearance of your property.


Our reliable window cleaners ensure your glass is sparkling and streak-free all year round. 


Sky High Window Cleaning works throughout the local area, including Clevedon. We always use the latest technology to make your windows look flawless. For those windows at heights of up to 65 ft, we use the latest reach and wash system.


Our team also use old fashioned traditional methods for all your internal window cleaning


Keep your glass and frames in exceptional condition.


Our window cleaning team in Clevedon will ensure both the frames and grass are cleaned to the finest standards. We will work at a schedule that suits you and since we use the best equipment, you’re guaranteed impeccable results.


A company with over 15 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our reliability and integrity. Punctual, hard-working and professional, we will work quickly and efficiently to carry out work. We regularly work throughout Backwell and Yatton.


If you need a window cleaning team in Backwell, don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.